Introducing Business Financing with Apple.

We can help you build the best solution for your business and apply for financing. Just stop by your local Apple Store or apply online.

  • Low monthly payments
  • AppleCare+ coverage on all products
  • Refresh your equipment every two years
  • Include accessories in your plan

iPhone, iPad, and Mac from $94.04/mo.1

The latest technology for your business. A price that’s right for your budget.


From $29.18/mo.1


From $23.70/mo.1


From $41.60/mo.1

All three devices

From $94.04/mo.1

All of your devices in one affordable monthly payment.

With Business Financing, you’ll have just one monthly bill to pay. You can add devices and accessories over time, and we’ll let you know when the devices in your plan are eligible for refresh.

Dedicated support for you and your business.

From the moment you turn it on to the day you turn it in, every device in your Business Financing plan is supported by a dedicated team within AppleCare. So if the unexpected happens, your employees can get the support, repair, or replacement they need to stay up and running.

Learn more about AppleCare+ coverage

Learn more about Express Replacement Service

Hardware service and support for every device

Expert business support

Express iPad and iPhone replacement

Onsite service for Mac desktop2

Add accessories to your plan.

Bundle accessories into your plan to create more opportunity for your business and provide even greater creative freedom. From keyboards and cases that protect and power your devices all day to payment readers that turn your iPhone or iPad into a cash register, financing your accessories is as easy as using them.

Let’s get started.

We can help you build the best solution for your business and apply for financing. Just stop by your local Apple Store or apply online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for applying?

You can apply online or at an Apple Store. All lease applications are submitted to our lessors for credit decisioning and approval. You must place a minimum order of $1000 to qualify.

Who is eligible for Business Financing?

A business customer who has signature authority and has been operating a business for at least six months. If your business has been operating for less than four years, a personal guarantee may be needed.

Can I refresh my equipment before the end of my term?

Mac, iPad, and iPhone are on a 24-month fair market value lease. You can refresh your equipment early for a fee or refresh your equipment at the end of your lease term for no additional costs.

What are my options at the end of the lease?

At the end of your lease term, you have the choice to return your equipment and refresh with new, in-stock equipment under a new lease, purchase your equipment from the lessor for the current fair market value, or return your products to the lessor and close out your lease. You can also continue to rent your existing products after the end of 24 months by making monthly rental payments.

What if I need a different term?

You can contact our Business Team over the phone or visit the Apple Store to learn more about 12- or 36-month lease options.

Can I choose a different model, color, or storage capacity when I refresh my equipment?

Yes. When you refresh your equipment, your existing lease ends and you simply begin a new one. The monthly cost may increase or decrease depending on the products you choose in your plan.

Will I be charged any additional fees?

There are no additional fees for your Business Financing lease. Taxes will be calculated and billed by the lessor. If you do not return your equipment in the condition required by the lease, the lessor may charge you in accordance with the terms of the lease.

What if my product gets damaged during the lease?

All Mac, iPad, and iPhone models are covered by AppleCare+. You can use your AppleCare+ service coverage for all damage covered by AppleCare+.2

What products qualify for Business Financing?

All Mac, iPad, and iPhone models are eligible. You can bundle Apple TV, Apple Watch, and accessories into your lease for an additional cost. Refurbished products do not qualify.