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PRESS RELEASE 8 September 2022

Apple reveals Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 8 delivers best-in-class health features, including an innovative temperature sensor that enables advanced features for women’s health and Crash Detection for severe car crashes

The redesigned Apple Watch SE delivers the core Apple Watch experience at a new starting price
Apple Watch Series 8 in stainless steel gold floating above the new Apple Watch SE.
Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE bring groundbreaking new technology to the two best-selling smartwatches.
CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today introduced Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Apple Watch SE, which bring groundbreaking technology and performance, and important safety innovations to the two best-selling smartwatches. Apple Watch Series 8 features the beloved design of Apple Watch, including a large, Always-On Retina display and a strong crack-resistant front crystal. With all-day 18-hour battery life, Apple Watch Series 8 builds on best-in-class health and safety features like the ECG app and fall detection by introducing temperature-sensing capabilities, retrospective ovulation estimates and Crash Detection. The new Apple Watch SE delivers the core Apple Watch experience, including Activity tracking, high and low heart rate notifications, and Emergency SOS as well as the new Crash Detection feature and a completely redesigned back case that perfectly matches the three classic case finishes, all at a more affordable price from RRP A$399 inc. GST. Both models are powered by watchOS 9, introducing new and more customisable watch faces like Lunar and Metropolitan, an enhanced Workout app, sleep stages, a first-of-its-kind AFib History feature and an all-new Medications app.
Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE are available to order today, with availability beginning Friday, 16 September.
“We hear from customers how Apple Watch helps them stay connected with loved ones, be more active and live healthier lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Apple Watch Series 8 reinforces our commitment in these areas with the addition of pioneering technology, while Apple Watch SE brings advanced core features at a new starting price. Powered by watchOS 9, the best smartwatches deliver more capabilities than ever before.”
8 Apple Watch SE devices displaying new watchOS 9 features.
Powered by watchOS 9, the new Apple Watch SE features more customisable watch faces, an enhanced Workout app and more.

Wrist Temperature Sensing for Women’s Health

The menstrual cycle is an important marker of health and many medical practitioners consider it a vital sign. Apple Watch Series 8 features innovative new temperature-sensing capabilities that give women further insights into their health, designed with the same privacy protections as with all other health data.1
Apple Watch Series 8 takes a unique approach to temperature sensing with a two-sensor design — one sensor on the back of the watch, nearest the skin, and another just under the display — reducing bias from the outside environment.
A new, unique two-sensor design enables Apple Watch Series 8 to capture wrist temperature while reducing bias from the outside environment and the user’s body.
Night-time wrist temperature can be a good indicator of overall body temperature. The sensors in Apple Watch Series 8 sample the wrist temperature during sleep every five seconds and measure changes as small as 0.1° C. In the Health app, users can see nightly shifts in baseline temperature, which can be caused by exercise, jet lag or even illness.2
Utilising the new temperature-sensing capabilities in Apple Watch Series 8, users can receive retrospective ovulation estimates. Knowing when ovulation has occurred can be helpful for family planning, and Apple Watch Series 8 makes it easy and convenient by providing these estimates in the Health app. Temperature sensing also enables improved period predictions. 
iPhone 13 Pro paired with Apple Watch Series 8 to demonstrate the ovulation estimate feature.
Users who utilise the new temperature-sensing capabilities in Apple Watch Series 8 can receive retrospective ovulation estimates and improved period predictions, which can be helpful for family planning.
Additionally, with iOS 16 and watchOS 9, all Cycle Tracking users can now receive a notification if their logged cycle history shows a possible deviation, such as irregular, infrequent or prolonged periods and persistent spotting, which can be symptoms of underlying health conditions.
Apple Watch Series 8 in stainless steel silver displaying a “Possible Cycle Deviation” notification.
New with iOS 16 and watchOS 9, Cycle Tracking can now send notifications if a user’s logged cycle history shows a possible deviation, including irregular, infrequent or prolonged periods.

Crash Detection 

To enable Crash Detection, Apple developed an advanced sensor-fusion algorithm that leverages a new, more powerful gyroscope and accelerometer on Apple Watch, which now has the highest dynamic range accelerometer in any smartwatch. To create the algorithm, data was collected from these new motion sensors at professional crash test labs with common passenger cars in simulated real-world accidents, including head-on, rear-end, side-impact and rollovers. In addition to motion data, Crash Detection uses the barometer, GPS and the microphone on iPhone as inputs to detect the unique patterns that can indicate whether a severe crash has taken place.
When Apple Watch detects a severe car crash, the device will check in with the user and dial emergency services if they are unresponsive after a 10-second countdown.* Emergency responders will receive the user’s device location, which is also shared with the user’s emergency contacts. When combined, Crash Detection on Apple Watch and iPhone work seamlessly to get users help efficiently. When a severe car crash is detected, the emergency services call interface will appear on Apple Watch as it is most likely to be in closer proximity to the user, while the call is placed through iPhone if it is in range for the best possible connection.

Low Power Mode

To keep users connected for even longer, a new Low Power Mode can extend battery life to reach up to 36 hours for Apple Watch Series 8 with iPhone present.3 This new mode temporarily disables or limits select sensors and features, including the Always-On Retina display, workout autostart, heart health notifications and more.

watchOS 9

The latest software brings new features and enhanced experiences to the world’s leading wearable operating system:
  • Users who are diagnosed with AFib can turn on the US FDA-cleared AFib History4 feature and access important information, including an estimate of how frequently their heart rhythm shows signs of AFib, providing deeper insights into their condition. Users will receive notifications with an estimate from the previous week and also have access to a detailed history in the Health app on iPhone, including lifestyle factors that may influence AFib like sleep, alcohol consumption and exercise. In addition, users can download a PDF from the Health app on iPhone that details the history of their AFib and lifestyle factors. The first-of-its-kind AFib History feature in watchOS 9 has received a number of local clearances and approvals from health authorities around the world, and will be available in more than 100 countries and territories, including Australia,5 the US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Africa, the UK and more.
  •  The completely redesigned Compass app in watchOS 9 surfaces more in-depth information and three distinct views. The app displays a new hybrid view that simultaneously shows both an analogue compass dial and a digital view. Turning the Digital Crown reveals an additional view that includes latitude, longitude, elevation and incline as well as an orienteering view showing Compass Waypoints and Backtrack. Backtrack uses GPS data to create a path showing where the user has been, which is useful if they get lost or disoriented and need help retracing their steps. It can turn on automatically in the background when off the grid. Compass Waypoints are a quick and convenient way to mark a location or point of interest directly in the app. Tapping the Compass Waypoint icon drops a waypoint. Selecting one provides a targeted view of the direction of the waypoint and an approximation of how far away it is.
  • The Workout app in watchOS 9 includes new in-session views, such as Segments, Splits and Elevation, that offer more precise workout data. Users can also improve their training with advanced workout experiences, including Heart Rate Zones, Custom Workouts, Pacer and, coming later this year, Race Route. For triathlons or activities with any sequence of swimming, cycling or running, the new Multisport workout uses autodetection to easily switch between workouts and records transition times. watchOS 9 also brings more data and features to help track how efficiently users run. New running form metrics, including Stride Length, Ground Contact Time and Vertical Oscillation, can all be added as metrics on Workout Views.
  • Sleep tracking in watchOS 9 provides even more insights with the introduction of sleep stages. Apple Watch uses signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensor to estimate when users are in REM, Core or Deep sleep. Sleep stage data can be viewed directly on Apple Watch in the Sleep app and users can view more detailed information in the Health app on iPhone, including interactive sleep stages charts as well as time asleep alongside heart rate or respiratory rate, in sleep comparison charts.
  • The new Medications experience on Apple Watch and iPhone helps users manage and track their medications, vitamins and supplements, allowing them to create a medications list, set up schedules and reminders, and view information on their medications in the Health app.6

Apple Watch Series 8 Line-Up

Apple Watch Series 8 will be available across a range of case finishes, colours and band types to fit a variety of personal styles. Apple Watch Series 8 comes in aluminium and stainless steel cases in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm, and is compatible with all bands. Aluminium case colours for Apple Watch Series 8 include starlight, midnight, silver and (PRODUCT)RED while the stainless steel case offers silver, graphite and gold. With Apple Watch Studio, Apple Watch Series 8 can be paired with any available band in the same collection. 
Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Hermès also debut new bands and watch faces later this year. Nike has vibrant new Sport Band colours and a new Sport Loop with the “Just Do It” logo woven right into the band. From later this year, any Apple Watch user running watchOS 9 — even those without a Nike model — will be able to access all the Nike watch faces, including the fresh colours coming to the Bounce face.
The new Apple Watch Nike bands and watch faces.
Apple Watch Nike features vibrant new Sport Band colours and a new Sport Loop with “Just Do It” woven right into the band.
Apple Watch Hermès introduces two new bands: H Diagonal, which creates a sporty pattern of the Hermès H with hundreds of microperforations, and Gourmette Metal, which features a polished stainless steel chain and noir leather wrapping twice around the wrist. A whimsical new Hermès watch face called Lucky Horse beautifully complements the new bands and celebrates the equestrian roots of the house with an animated horse that sleeps when the wrist is down and comes alive when it is raised.

Apple Watch SE 

The new Apple Watch SE delivers advanced features at a new low price, and is a great way for users to start their Apple Watch journey or gift to their loved ones. Powerful upgrades include the S8 SiP advanced dual-core processor, the same processor that is in Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra, making it 20 per cent faster than the previous generation, along with Crash Detection.
Apple Watch SE maintains the same case design, but features a redesigned matching back case made of a nylon composite material, making it lighter than ever. With watchOS 9, Apple Watch SE users can enjoy the benefits of the new Compass app in addition to the enhanced fitness and wellness features. Apple Watch SE is available in 40mm and 44mm aluminium cases, in midnight, starlight and silver finishes, and is compatible with all bands. 
Three Apple Watch SE.
With Family Setup, family members who don’t have their own iPhone can enjoy the features and benefits of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch and the Environment 

Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE are designed to minimise their impact on the environment. Both models are made with 100 per cent recycled aluminium in the case, 100 per cent recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine and 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets. In a first for Apple Watch, both models feature 100 per cent recycled gold — in the plating of multiple printed circuit boards on Apple Watch Series 8, and in the plating of the SiP on the new Apple Watch SE. Both models are free of mercury, BFRs, PVC and beryllium. No Apple Watch packaging uses outer plastic wrap, and 94 per cent or more of the packaging is fibre based, bringing Apple closer to its goal of completely removing plastic from its packaging by 2025.
Today, Apple is carbon neutral for global corporate operations and by 2030, plans to be 100 per cent carbon neutral across the entire manufacturing supply chains and all product life cycles. This means that every Apple device sold, from component manufacturing, assembly, transport, customer use, charging, all the way through to recycling and material recovery, will have net-zero climate impact.


Privacy is fundamental in the design and development across all of Apple’s features. When a user’s iPhone is locked with a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID, all of their health and fitness data in the Health app — other than Medical ID — is encrypted. Any Health data backed up to iCloud is encrypted both in transit and on Apple servers. When using iOS and watchOS with the default two-factor authentication and a passcode, Health app data synced to iCloud is encrypted end-to-end meaning that Apple does not have the key to decrypt the data and therefore cannot read it.
Pricing and Availability
  • Customers in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UAE, the UK, the US, and more than 40 other countries and regions can order Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE today, with availability in stores beginning Friday, 16 September.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 starts at RRP A$629 inc. GST and Apple Watch SE starts at RRP A$399 inc. GST.
  • Apple Watch Nike bands and Apple Watch Hermès bands will be available to order today from and in the Apple Store app, with availability in stores beginning Friday, 16 September.
  • watchOS 9 will be available for Apple Watch Series 4 and later from Tuesday, 13 September and requires iPhone 8 or later and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later running iOS 16. Not all features are available on all devices and in all regions.
  • Three months of Apple Fitness+ are included for customers who purchase Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Ultra, or new purchases of Apple Watch Series 4 or later.7
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  1. The Cycle Tracking app is not intended for use in medical diagnosis, treatment or any other medical purpose, including as a form of birth control or to support contraception.
  2. The temperature-sensing feature is not a medical device and is not intended for use in medical diagnosis, treatment or for any other medical purpose.
  3. During normal use, Apple Watch Series 8 can reach up to 36 hours of battery life with iPhone present. 
  4. AFib History is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later including Apple Watch SE, and requires the latest version of watchOS and iOS. It is intended for use by people who are 22 years old or older, and have a previous diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AFib). Always follow instructions for use. The device is not intended to replace traditional methods of AFib management or diagnosis. Consult a doctor for care of your AFib or if you have symptoms of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular conditions.
  5. Coming to Australia later this year.
  6. The Medications feature should not be used as a substitute for professional medical judgment. Additional information is available on the labels of your medications, but please consult your healthcare provider prior to making any decisions related to your health.
  7. A$14.99 inc. GST per month after trial. Offer is good for three months after eligible device is activated. Only one offer can be redeemed per Family Sharing group, regardless of the number of devices purchased. Offer not available if you or your family have previously accepted the Apple Fitness+ three-month free offer. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Restrictions and other terms apply. Apple Fitness+ requires a subscription.
*Emergency SOS requires a mobile network connection or Wi-Fi calling with an internet connection from your Apple Watch or nearby iPhone.

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