Business Essentials

One complete subscription that seamlessly brings together device management, 24/7 support, and cloud storage. So your small business can easily manage every employee’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac — every step of the way.

  • Setup
  • Onboarding
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Support
  • Repairs
  • Updates
  • Make IT easy.
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Add users. Not work.

Setup is faster and simpler with Collections. They allow you to automatically assign the right apps and settings to employees, teams, and their devices.


Back up and move on.

Employees get a dedicated iCloud account for work — so storage, backup, and collaboration are simple and secure. And for iPhone and iPad, work backups are automatic.

Security for every device.
Privacy for everybody.

Support is on call 24/7.*

With prioritized AppleCare support, you and your employees can resolve issues quickly. And AppleCare can even help you with issue tracking and reviewing your deployment strategy.

Onsite repairs Not someday Not next week Not soon ASAP.

Update. Reassign. Relax. Repeat. Update. Reassign. Relax. Repeat. Update. Reassign. Relax. Repeat.

Easily assign users to new devices. And old devices to new users.

Coming Spring 2022

One subscription. Plenty of options.

You can mix and match plans to cover every employee and every device. And make changes to your plans anytime.

Single device

$2.99 per device/mo.

Single-device plans are perfect for users with one device and include 50GB of storage. Device-only plans for kiosks, displays, and more do not include storage.


$6.99 per user/mo.

Multidevice plans let you manage up to three devices for each user, with 200GB of storage.

Multidevice, more storage

$12.99 per user/mo.

Give your power users a multidevice plan with up to three devices and 2TB of storage.

Plans with AppleCare+ for Business Essentials will be available in spring 2022.

Try it now for free.

The free beta is available now for small businesses in the U.S. with up to 500 employees.
Apply to be among the first to try Apple Business Essentials before our release in spring 2022.

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