Operations and Supply Chain

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In an Apple manufacturing facility, two employees examine aluminium MacBook shells on titanium anodising racks

Apple products are made with revolutionary precision to perform exactly as promised. And because customers all over the world eagerly await that experience, we built a supply chain that’s equally revolutionary. Join these teams and continue to innovate on an immense scale.

Jen has what it takes to go as far as she wants. Jen’s story
Jen, an engineer on the Advanced Manufacturing team, designs automation for final assembly

Working as an engineer on the Advanced Manufacturing team at Apple, Jen designs automation for final assembly. She works with the Product Design teams, visiting China for hands-on engineering experimentation to find the balance between the best possible product and the best possible way to manufacture it. What excites Jen most about her job is the freedom to explore ideas and use her imagination all day. “At Apple, you’re encouraged to discover your own way and step out of the box. You have a lot of freedom to create the best product and end result possible.”

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

The decisions made at Apple have a significant impact, often well beyond the company itself, which is why the detailed contributions of this group are so critical. Their timely and actionable insights help solve complex business problems across multiple areas of operations. Their methods include critical reporting, ad hoc analytics and advanced analytics/machine learning. Areas of work include Customer Engagement, Supply Chain Optimisation, Product Quality, Operations Execution and Fraud Detection and Sales Channel Program Analytics.

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Business Process Management

Apple is all about the customer experience, even in ways that customers may not notice. This team is responsible for keeping things running as finished products move through our supply chain and sales channels. And they work cross-functionally with other Apple teams to come up with ways to improve processes, such as making it simple for customers to order a product online and pick it up in a store. Areas of work include Project Management.

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Supply Demand Management and NPI Readiness

Join the team that forecasts demand and drives supply. These are the people who help achieve financial and sales goals while ensuring great customer experiences. They develop demand forecasts that support numerous key activities at Apple, ranging from corporate P&L forecasting and planning to daily factory builds and customer-level allocation. The supply plans drive manufacturing capacity and materials purchase requirements for this week through to next year. In preparing for a new product introduction (NPI), this team also ensures that customers receive our products when promised through all channels of sales. Areas of work include Supply and Demand Management, Reseller Operations Management and New Product Readiness.

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Retail and E‑Commerce Fulfilment

Be part of the group that helps provide a seamless, high-quality retail experience for our customers. You’ll help maximise customer engagement and product sales by ensuring the right inventory is in the right place at the right time, and by providing fast and convenient fulfilment solutions to Apple customers. This team also collaborates cross-functionally to define fulfilment roadmaps and optimises management systems, tools and process flow in Apple supply chains. Areas of work include Inventory Control, Retail Fulfilment Planning and Program Management.

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Shravan turns ideas into reality. Shravan’s story
Shravan a member of the Manufacturing Design Engineering team, collaborates with colleagues

Apple’s bold design visions make it to the real world with plenty of help from Shravan and his colleagues on our Manufacturing Design Engineering team. To realise Apple products and designs at scale, Shravan is well-versed in the intricate design and functional requirements of precision manufacturing processes. Each new Apple product pushes the limits, so Shravan and his team do, too — they develop innovative approaches toward CNC machining, joining technologies, lasers, robotics, assembly and more. “The best part of my job is working with the best design, engineering and operations teams to solve highly complex technical problems in creative ways. It really opens up your mind in terms of what is possible with both manufacturing and design.”

Logistics and Supply Chain

As part of this team, you’ll help put Apple’s products in the hands of its customers in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. You’ll do it by managing global systems, processes and negotiations that create an efficient and low-cost supply chain while providing an exceptional customer experience. Areas of work include Procurement, Logistics Operations, Loss Prevention and Supply Chain Analytics.

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Sales Planning and Operations

Apple has some of the world’s most diverse sales channels, delivering products and services to consumers, enterprises and education and government customers in more than 80 countries. As part of this team, you’ll stand alongside our sales groups and partners to develop the strategy, planning, execution and operational excellence needed to ensure that we make the most of every customer interaction. Our channel programs include physical and digital merchandising, staffing, sales training and in-store technology. Areas of work include Channel Program Management, Point-of-Sale Operations, Sales Training and Enablement, Contracts Management, Channel Shared Services, Sales Program Analytics and Apple Executive Briefing Programs.

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Apple products are unique and they couldn’t happen without this team’s specialised talents. Join them to deliver innovative component technologies, coordinate the global supply chain and collaborate closely with Apple’s key technology and manufacturing partners. Team members manage materials throughout the entire product life cycle, drive the strategy for future partnerships, lead commercial negotiations and strike agreements that meet Apple performance criteria and secure long-term supply continuity. Areas of work include Global Supply Management, Materials Program Management, Strategic Licensing, OEM Business Operations, Operations Product Development Management and Channel Manufacturing Process Management.

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Manufacturing and Operations Engineering

How do you build a great idea? With more great ideas — the kind of thinking that transforms the work of our industrial designers into the devices that enrich the lives of our customers. Join this team to develop manufacturing engineering solutions that deliver our products with unprecedented precision at an unprecedented scale. You’ll help design and customise equipment, create manufacturing processes, refine tooling, identify suppliers and work with key operations partners to optimise capacity and cost — without losing sight of our incredibly high standards for quality. Areas of work include Mechanical Design Engineering, Process Engineering, Tooling, DFM/DFX Engineering, Automation, Information Systems and Technical Program Management.

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Quality Engineering

There is nothing traditional about how we look at quality, from the smallest internal component to the product as a whole. The people on this team make sure that everything about the product is as amazing when it gets into the hands of our customers as it was in the minds of our designers. Join this group and you can go beyond measurement of manufacturing results — you can identify key risks, design test solutions and collect and analyse data to drive product innovation. Areas of work include Mechanical Quality Engineering, Product Quality Engineering and Supplier Quality Engineering.

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Supplier Responsibility

Our suppliers employ more than a million people around the world and every one of them deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. That’s why this group sets some of the strictest standards in the industry to ensure human rights and create fair employment and safe working conditions throughout our supply chain. Then they help our suppliers meet those standards. In addition to partnering to oversee environmental policy compliance, team members work with facility managers to monitor labour conditions and safety measures to protect every worker’s rights. Areas of work include Supplier Responsibility Program Management.

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Program Management

Collaboration is at the heart of Apple, and these teams act as the hub of that process, maintaining the connections that create great work. Join them and help manage large-scope projects, from initial concept through to launch and beyond. Throughout the process, these teams provide overarching management of manufacturing partners and have the critical responsibility of partnering with the Executive Team, as well as engineering and operations teams, to make crucial decisions that meet the goals of Apple and the needs of our customers. Areas of work include Operations Program Management, Capital Expenditure Management, Technical Program Management, Product Quality Program Management, Operations Life-Cycle Management and Technology Licensing Program Management.

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