View of the cityscape in Shanghai at sunset.



An Apple employee smiling outside a brick office building, carrying a shoulder bag. Three Apple employees sitting together while one works on a MacBook. Two Apple employees smiling in conversation, walking through a brightly lit common space.
Welcome to Apple Shanghai,
a cutting-edge tech campus
set amid a lively, international metropolis.
An Apple employee working in a hardware lab. An Apple employee standing in front of a large plant and a concrete wall, smiling at another employee.

Areas of Work

High-impact work on a global scale.

Discover a wide range of unique teams that help drive the future of Apple.


Be part of a group that pursues extraordinary ideas, driving performance to do what’s never been done.

Find available Hardware roles
An Apple Hardware employee fitting Apple AirPods Max headphones on a mannequin in a lab.

Software and Services

Join an engineering team where every aspect of the work is built around a respect for the customer’s experience.

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Services roles
Two seated Apple Software and Services employees discussing work over a MacBook.

Operations and
Supply Chain

Develop the strategies and methods that allow Apple to create and deliver groundbreaking products.

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Supply Chain roles
Three Apple Operations and Supply Chain employees talking in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Corporate Functions

Help us innovate new ways of supporting our organization and influencing change in the world.

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Machine Learning and AI

Build amazing experiences into every Apple product, allowing millions to do what they never imagined.

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Create the vision that ensures the whole world feels as passionately about our products as we do.

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Sales and Business Development

Help customers discover new levels of creativity and productivity, and make those connections last.

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Development roles

Support and Service

Become part of the connection that strengthens the relationship people have with their Apple products.

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Here in Shanghai, we all come together to fulfill our mission: Deliver the best products in the world and leave the world a better place.

Isabel Ge Mahe, Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China

Campus and Culture

This is Apple Shanghai.

With a wide assortment of amenities, this location continues to inspire — offering ways for everyone to feel connected and thrive.