When a product inspires you, you can inspire the world.

The people of Apple Marketing work directly with our designers and engineers as products are developed. It’s a level of collaboration that strengthens their commitment to the complete product vision, uniting this team’s wide range of talent around a singular focus: ensuring that the whole world feels as passionately about our products as we do.

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Services Marketing

As the range of Apple services continues to grow, this team is growing with it, innovating new approaches all along the way. Join them and help manage customer life-cycle marketing for all our subscription media platforms as well as our services, such as Apple Pay and iCloud. At Apple, hardware, software, and services are developed together to create the stories you’ll help tell around the world. Areas of work include Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Direct Marketing, Partnership Marketing, Ecosystem Marketing, Revenue/Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Creative Design, Brand Marketing, Customer Life-Cycle Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, and Payments Marketing.

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Product Marketing

The people on this team are experts who know their technologies and markets inside and out. They have to, because they oversee the entire product life cycle, from concept through development and launch. Join this group and manage the process for products and services such as iPhone, macOS, and iTunes. You’ll collaborate with a wide range of teams that may include design, engineering, legal, finance, sales, marketing communications, and support. Areas of work include Product Marketing, Product Management, Developer Marketing, Apps Marketing, and Business Marketing.

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Marketing Communications

This team crafts the messages that make sure the world knows about our products and services in a way that reflects the products themselves: simply, beautifully, and with a little personality. Areas of work include Graphic Design, Copywriting, User Experience, Content Management, Production, Creative Operations, Research and Analysis, Advertising, Social Media, Merchandising, Video and Motion Graphics, and Packaging Design.

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Corporate Communications

This worldwide communications team informs the world about Apple, our innovative products and services, and the values that drive our company. Areas of work include Public Relations, Corporate Events, Employee Communications, and Buzz Marketing.

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