Set your sights high.
Because experience is about more than work itself — it’s about how you learn and who you learn from.
At Apple, you’ll start a career doing important work with people who’ve made Apple what it is today.
So that you can make it what it is tomorrow.

Different Opportunities for Different Students

Part-time, full-time. On campus, off campus. During summer, or all year long. Each of these roles helps you build a career and connections while you’re studying.

Apple Internships

Come to Apple as an intern and you’ll be welcomed as a full contributor — a true part of the team — collaborating with some of the best minds in the world. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you’ll do hands-on work on critical projects at an Apple campus. We’re open to those enrolled full-time and pursuing a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate, in technical or nontechnical fields, so you can apply what you’re studying now to your work as an Apple intern.

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Apple Support College Advisor

At participating universities, you can join us part-time, working on the team that provides world-class technical support. When customers contact Apple for help, Advisors are their human connection: friendly, thoughtful, and real. You’ll answer questions about our products and services, and you’ll troubleshoot issues. There’s no need to be a tech expert. We’ll train you, so you’re ready to help people get back to doing what they love. A big part of your training covers the professional and collaborative communication skills that are so important for this role and any career. It’s the listening skills you’ll develop that make it clear you’re not simply supporting technology — you’re supporting people.

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Apple Store and Retail Partner Store

Work at an Apple Store, where different roles can support a range of interests and goals, or work at a retail partner store, ensuring that customers get a great Apple retail experience there, too. Both part-time and full-time positions are available, and no tech experience is needed. We’ll provide the training you need for your role and the support to help you grow both personally and professionally.

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Opportunities After You’ve Graduated

We’ve always thought of Apple as the intersection of technology and the liberal arts. That’s why we look for a wide range of great minds, in technical and nontechnical fields, regardless of the degree. With so many ways to contribute here, chances are good you’ll find a way to do what you love.

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Apple Values

An Apple experience respects and reflects what’s important. To you.

Each of us here is inspired to do work that aligns with our personal values. And we thrive in a culture that helps us feel supported, connected, and empowered.