Mac in Healthcare

Revolutionizing healthcare with Mac.

Intuitive as it is powerful, Mac helps healthcare organizations of every kind deliver cutting-edge care. Thanks to the groundbreaking capabilities of Apple silicon, Mac brings blazing-fast performance to demanding workflows, state-of-the-art security to safeguard sensitive records, and exceptional power efficiency and all-day battery life.

Secure by design.

Apple devices are as secure as they are easy to use. State‑of-the‑art features make it simple to protect your data and devices. And built-in frameworks enable IT to manage security systemwide. Together, Apple hardware, software, and services make advanced security seamless.

Elevate the clinician experience.

Epic Hyperspace was developed for Mac, enabling providers to easily access patient records and authenticate using Touch ID. Clinicians can stay a step ahead with AI-powered clinical summaries, AI-drafted replies to patient messages, and ambient technology to convert conversations into structured notes.

Sequencing for a new generation.

With Apple silicon and Oxford Nanopore, sequencing becomes not just powerful but also more globally accessible.

Medical imaging at your fingertips.

The power of Apple silicon has changed DICOM viewing, taking medical imaging
and blazing-fast volume rendering to another level. See how Mac supports
powerful imaging apps.

Visage 7

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Visage 7 offers a native macOS experience without any browser dependencies, providing an optimal user experience for imaging with multidimensional visualization. All data is streamed ultrafast and on demand from the server using advanced thin-client technology.

Designed specifically for Mac with Apple M-series chips, Falcon MD™, which is FDA-cleared, offers advanced post-processing tools for viewing DICOM images. It utilizes Apple silicon and technologies such as Metal to render photorealistic 3D volumes.

MIM for macOS

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MIM focuses on nuclear medicine and radiation oncology. It’s used primarily for oncology diagnosis, tumor tracking, and image processing. This app is FDA cleared and CE certified for Mac.

OsiriX MD

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OsiriX MD combines 3D and 4D image processing with advanced features such as fusion. It’s certified for medical use, FDA cleared, and CE II labeled.

Transforming care with Mac.

Mac is changing how care teams work together, connect with patients, and unravel the mysteries of rare diseases.

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