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UPDATE 29 November 2022

Apple expands its coding education resources with a new Today at Apple session

The free session comes to Apple Store locations worldwide during Computer Science Education Week, beginning December 5
Students are guided through an in-store Today at Apple session.
The latest Today at Apple session, Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App, comes to Apple Store locations worldwide beginning December 5, just in time for Computer Science Education Week.
In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Apple is introducing a new coding session — Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App — at Apple Store locations around the world. Designed to inspire participants ages 10 and up to explore app development in a fun, welcoming environment, the new experience is the latest in Apple’s library of resources to help students, families, and educators launch their journeys in the growing field of computer science.
The new sessions begin December 5 as part of the Today at Apple program, which offers free, daily in-store sessions that assist customers in unleashing their creativity and making the most of their devices.1 Anyone, including families and groups, can register now at
“Around the world, our stores are centers for community, where people of all ages are invited to discover the most innovative products, learn new skills, and explore their creative passions,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People. “Whether you’re trying something new like coding, or looking for tips for getting started with a device, our free Today at Apple sessions offer something for everyone — and our talented team members are always here to support you.”
Students sit in a Forum at an Apple Store for a Today at Apple session titled Coding Lab for Kids: Code Your First App.
With Group Booking, people can sign up and participate in Today at Apple sessions together — like this group from Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington at Apple Carnegie Library in Washington, DC.

Coding with Today at Apple

During the lab, Apple Creative Pros will lead aspiring coders and their guardians in an interactive activity using iPad and Swift Playgrounds — Apple’s fun and easy-to-use app that takes learners from their first line of code to their first app. Working in the About Me playground, participants will use SwiftUI and a new, real-time app preview to customize and bring their app to life with fun fonts, background colors, Memoji, and more.
After its launch, the new lab will become part of Apple’s rotating Today at Apple programming, with sessions scheduled at convenient times for kids and families. Customers can also sign up for Coding Skills: Getting Started with Swift Playgrounds, another Today at Apple session that introduces the Swift programming language and foundational concepts through an interactive game, allowing participants to explore coding basics like commands, functions, and loops.
Anyone — regardless of experience level — can visit to sign up for scheduled Today at Apple sessions at their local Apple Store, or they can schedule a special lesson for their group, organization, or class at a time that works best for them. Today at Apple sessions are offered for free and use Apple-provided devices for all activities.

Resources for Learners and Educators

In-store Today at Apple coding sessions are one of many free resources Apple provides for learners of all ages.
For educators interested in introducing app development with Swift to their students, Apple created a companion guide for app building in Swift Playgrounds. Available in the Apple Education Community, the Celebrating You Educator Guide features a starter project using the About Me playground, in which learners personalize a sample app that celebrates a place or tradition that’s important to them. The guide can be applied to any subject in the classroom or can be used by campus coding clubs.
The Swift Playgrounds Celebrating You Educator Guide is shown on iPad.
Educators can introduce app development with Swift to their students via a companion guide titled Celebrating You.
Learners who are ready to explore additional topics in Swift and Xcode on iPad and Mac can turn to Apple’s Everyone Can Code and Develop in Swift resources. Teacher guides also help educators to build foundational knowledge in computer science to incorporate into their classrooms — from grade school to college and continued education.

Careers for the Next Generation

Apple’s coding resources are designed to teach essential skills while also preparing learners for high-demand careers in computer science. Earlier this year, independent analyses showed the iOS app economy continued its track record as an engine of economic growth and opportunity, supporting more than 2.2 million jobs in the US in 2021. This includes jobs for app entrepreneurs and their teams, with roles in software development, project management, design, and more.
Aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and designers can also propel their skills and businesses through the Apple Developer Academy. First established in Brazil in 2013, the academy now operates in 17 locations around the world, including Detroit; Naples, Italy; and Pohang, South Korea. Thousands of participants have graduated — armed with technical fundamentals and core professional competencies — and gone on to pursue jobs in the thriving app economy, or even start their own businesses.
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