iPhone SE

Love the power.

Love the price.

iPhone SE

Love the power.
Love the price.


  • A chip that really zips.

  • A leap in battery life.

  • A fast 5G connection.

  • A design that’s made to last.

  • A superstar camera.

  • A button you call Home.

All in a pocket‑friendly
4.7″ design.

A15 Bionic

Fast runs in the family.

At the heart of iPhone SE you’ll find
the same superpowerful A15 Bionic
chip that’s in iPhone 13.

A15 Bionic enhances nearly everything you do. Apps load in a flash and feel so fluid.

A15 Bionic enhances nearly everything you do. Apps load in a flash and feel so fluid.

But that’s not all.

But that’s not all.

You get incredibly
smooth graphics
performance for gaming.

iPhone SE (2nd gen)

A15 Bionic even powers advanced photography features that make each part of your photo — faces, places, everything — look fabulous.


Big-time battery life.

A highly efficient chip, an enhanced battery, and iOS 17 work together to boost battery life. When you do need to charge, just place iPhone SE on a wireless charger. Or connect a 20W or higher adapter to fast charge from zero to up to 50 percent charge in 30 minutes flat. 1

iPhone SE (2nd gen)

5G, now on SE.

  • Faster downloads.

  • Faster streaming.

  • Faster gaming.

  • Less lag.

  • More fun.

From livestreaming to multiplayer gaming to video sharing, 5G really speeds things up. It even makes FaceTime in high definition and SharePlay feel smooth and seamless when you’re on the go. When you don’t need all that speed, iPhone SE shifts into Smart Data mode to preserve battery life. 3

With the power of A15 Bionic and a fast 5G connection, you’re set up for years to come.


Cool with stumbles.

Thanks to a durable design and the toughest glass in a smartphone.


and back.

Cool with spills.

Thanks to incredible water resistance. 4

iPhone SE shrugs off spills from common liquids such as water, coffee, tea, and juice. And it’s certainly not bothered by a little dust, either.

Camera System

A camera
click with.

Smart stuff happens
between snap and shot.

The A15 Bionic chip does all kinds of computations behind the scenes to make your photos look great.

A vibrant photo of a person standing outdoors surrounded by bubbles.
A group photo that’s been optimized with Smart HDR.

For example, Smart HDR 4 automatically refines the contrast, lighting, and skin tones for up to four people — so everyone looks their best.

And in mid to low light, Deep Fusion studies multiple exposures pixel by pixel to capture the subtlest details, textures, and patterns in your final shot.

A detailed photo of a parrot that’s been optimized with Deep Fusion.

Set your look once.
Get it every time.

Give your camera direction with Photographic Styles. Choose a look — such as Warm or Cool — and iPhone SE selectively applies the adjustments, keeping skies and skin tones natural. So your photos will automatically have the look you love.

Low-light scenes.
Just-right videos.

Go ahead, keep the camera rolling. The enhanced video on iPhone SE picks up an incredible amount of detail — including contours, shadows, and highlights — even when the sun goes down.

Get to know Slo-mo. Let your favorite moments linger that little bit longer.

Turn minutes into seconds. Time-lapse speeds up your video to mesmerizing effect.

Retina HD Display

Sharp, bright,
and bursting with color, the Retina HD display makes everything look incredible.

Touch ID. The Home
and love.

Touch ID is a fast, simple, and secure way to unlock your phone and sign in to apps. You can even use it with Apple Pay to do things like shop online or grab groceries at the store — all without reaching for your card.

Privacy is built in.

iPhone helps put you in control of your personal information. For example, when you’re browsing, Safari intelligently helps block trackers from profiling you and shows you which ones have been blocked in your Privacy Report. And the list goes on.

Learn more about Apple and privacy

iOS 17


iOS 17 gives you exciting new ways to express yourself and share content. Customize what people see when you call by creating your own Contact Poster. Turn your favorite photos into Live Stickers. And use NameDrop to instantly swap contact info with a friend — just bring your iPhone close to theirs. Woah.

Learn more about iOS 17


Lighter on
the planet.

Our stores, offices, and data centers are already carbon neutral. By 2030 our products — and your carbon footprint from using them — will be, too. iPhone SE now uses 100 percent recycled rare earth elements for its Taptic Engine and audio magnets. We’ve also eliminated the plastic wrap around the box.

Learn more about Apple
and the environment


What a finish.

iPhone SE comes in Midnight, Starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED.

Compare the new iPhone SE to your iPhone.

iPhone SE (2nd gen)

World of iPhone

Dial up the fun.


Check it out.

Easy to upgrade. Simple to switch.

Upgrading from
another iPhone?

Place your old iPhone next to your new one and you can transfer your data automatically. If you need it, you can even get temporary iCloud storage for free to hold everything during the transfer.

Switching from an
Android phone?

When you buy a new iPhone, there’s a walk-through to get you started, and the Move to iOS app makes it easy to transfer your photos, contacts, and more.