Mac. A key ingredient in a snack brand’s best work.

Want Want’s snacks, dairy products, and beverages are some of the most beloved in China and are now available in over 63 countries worldwide. Their success is as much the result of innovation as it is their incredible recipes and iconic packaging. With that in mind, the snack giant undertook a massive PC‑to‑Mac migration in 2015. The switch optimized IT operations, increased security, and streamlined workflows across multiple departments. Not only did Want Want employees say they were more productive, but they also had higher levels of overall satisfaction. And with Want Want reporting significant cost savings, it was a great investment in every way.

At a glance

10K+Mac computers deployed
¥22BIn revenue
2.5K+Food trademarks

An appetite for growth.
The switch from PC to Mac transformed productivity, IT, and security.


Pairing power
with efficiency.

Workflow Management

Intuitive apps make
big tasks bite‑size.

Simple Migration

Switching to Mac
is a piece of cake.

IT Deployment

A golden ticket to better tech support.

Only with Apple

Built-in Security

Apple products are designed with built-in security. Data is protected on each device to keep both corporate and employee data safe. The result is a decrease in security incidents, fewer disruptions, and lowered costs associated with third‑party solutions.


When people help themselves, IT is simplified. Jamf’s Self Service app on Mac makes it easy for employees to configure corporate services and download the IT-approved apps they need. And easy-to-use macOS tips and tricks allow people to learn by themselves.

Zero-Touch Deployment

With the efficiency of Apple Business Manager and Jamf, Mac is ready to use right out of the box. And because IT has the power to remotely manage and update devices over the air, ongoing management is simple, too.


Happier employees.

Long-term savings.

Mac helped decrease hardware repair tickets by 67 percent.

IT experienced a 75 percent increase in deployment efficiency after switching to Mac.

Mac helped decrease IT support and operations costs per device by an average of 56 percent.

94 percent of employees reported they were satisfied with Mac after switching from PC.

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