With iPhone, Openreach keeps the UK connected.

In the UK, Openreach connects millions of people and businesses to the internet. To manage 120 million miles of network cabling and create on‑demand customer service, Openreach supplied every engineer with an iPhone. The built-in features of iPhone combined with 40 custom apps optimized daily schedules, enhanced safety protocols, and streamlined workflows in the field. Additionally, Openreach provides the latest iPhone with flexible upgrade options from Apple Financial Services.

At a glance

£5.2BIn revenue
40Custom apps
30KEngineers on

Service. On the double.
Custom apps and native features
streamline workflows.

Workflow Management

When. Where.
And how to
get there.


Detailed data.
Authorization onsite.


Router placement
is spot-on.


An app that
elevates safety.


Built-in features
for every job.

Only with Apple

iPhone Features

iOS simplifies service for Openreach engineers. Face ID securely unlocks their device in the field. Long battery life powers their device throughout the day. And with Siri, engineers can multitask or initiate FaceTime with colleagues hands-free.


Apple tools helped Openreach develop 40 custom apps. Schedules, customer information, and network data are all available at a tap for true efficiency.

Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services allows Openreach to keep its fleet up to date and retain the highest residual value. With the latest technology in their hands, engineers stay connected and productive.


Success, engineered.

Openreach keeps more than 25 million homes and businesses connected to the network they rely on.

Forty custom apps make work safer and keep service calls moving in the field.

iPhone technology has decreased wait times for customer projects and created faster, more accurate scheduling.

The intuitive features of iPhone boost employee satisfaction and help customers get online more quickly.

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