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Apple News+

Hundreds of magazines
and leading newspapers.
One subscription.

World-class journalism from the titles you love and the sources you trust.

Full magazine issues and in‑depth features, online or off.

Stay up to date on important stories with top newspapers.

Share your subscription with your family.

A$14.99 per month. Every article. Every issue. No paywalls.

The Apple News+ difference

Rewriting the reading experience.

Apple News+ delivers an incredibly diverse collection of the world’s best publications. Vivid photography and animation, rich videos and immersive layouts bring articles to life in stunning new ways. Swipe through issues from cover to cover or download them to read on the go. You get every article in every title, all for one price — without ever hitting a paywall.



Essential articles hand‑picked by expert editors.

Apple News editors select the most important and compelling articles and surface them in Top Stories, Spotlight and other collections. These must-reads include everything from the latest headlines to in-depth coverage of the biggest stories of the year. An Apple News+ subscription unlocks even more premium articles and issues from the world’s best newspapers and magazines.


The feed that feeds
your interests.

As you read, Apple News gets a better read on your interests and suggests relevant stories that you can easily find throughout the app.


Only you see
what you read.

Apple News only uses on-device intelligence to recommend stories and doesn’t access your information without your permission. We never share it with others or allow advertisers to track you.

Extra. Extra.
Apple News+ delivers more.

A$14.99 per month after one-month free trial*


Apple News+


Apple News


Hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers

not included

Reading online and off across devices

not included

Cover-to-cover magazines


Access for up to six family members

not included

Top stories chosen by editors, personalised for you


Private and secure reading


In case you
missed anything.

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