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December 2021

2 December 2021 UPDATE

App Store Awards honour the best apps and games of 2021

The 2021 App Store Awards recognise 15 apps and games that offer powerful experiences across Apple devices.

June 2021

11 June 2021 UPDATE

Apple announces winners of the 2021 Apple Design Awards

Six new award categories recognise developers around the world for innovation.


Apple introduces new developer tools and technologies to create even better apps

Apple unveiled new tools and technologies to help developers create more engaging app experiences and make it even easier to build high-quality apps.

3 June 2021 UPDATE

Apple developers grow App Store ecosystem billings and sales by 24 per cent in 2020

Apple announced that the App Store ecosystem facilitated US$643 billion in billings and sales during 2020, a 24 per cent year-over-year increase.

May 2021


Apple previews powerful software updates designed for people with disabilities

Apple today announced powerful software features designed for people with mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive disabilities.

18 May 2021 FEATURE

Endel app creator on the power of endless ambient music

Apple chats with Endel CEO and Co-founder Oleg Stavitsky about creating personalized soundscapes to help users focus, sleep, and relax.

12 May 2021 UPDATE

Coders, designers, and entrepreneurs thrive thanks to Apple Developer Academy

Apple has opened more than a dozen academies across the world with two more on the way: in Korea, and in Detroit, Michigan, the first US location.

11 May 2021 UPDATE

App Store stopped over US$1.5 billion in suspect transactions in 2020

Apple helps keep the App Store a safe and trusted place for customers by detecting and taking action against fraudulent developers and users.

4 May 2021 FEATURE

Celebrating Mother’s Day with the creators of Winnie, an app to find childcare

Winnie is the brainchild of CEO Sara Mauskopf and Chief Product Officer Anne Halsall who met while working at the same startup six years ago.

April 2021

27 April 2021 FEATURE

Three apps enabling financial wellness for all

App Store apps Goalsetter, Perch Credit, and Ellevest are helping generations of Americans take their financial journeys into their own hands.

27 April 2021 UPDATE

Clips adds immersive new AR Spaces

Clips version 3.1 lets users scan a space using LiDAR on iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models to apply fun, immersive video effects.

22 April 2021 UPDATE

Apple Celebrates Earth Day 2021

Apple celebrates Earth Day with activities and curated content in the App Store, the Apple TV app, Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, and more.

21 April 2021 PRESS RELEASE

Apple leads the next chapter of podcasting with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple today unveiled Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, a global marketplace for creators to offer premium subscriptions on Apple Podcasts.

March 2021

18 March 2021 FEATURE

Caria app helps debunk the myths of menopause

Women’s health app Caria helps women understand menopausal symptoms and manage their symptoms.

4 March 2021 FEATURE

Apple’s iOS app economy drives economic growth and opportunity across Australia

App economy jobs are on the rise in Australia and so too is demand for Apple’s developer tools, resources, and support.

February 2021

12 February 2021 FEATURE

We Read Too app developer Kaya Thomas explores trends in Black literature

Apple catches up with Kaya Thomas, the app developer behind We Read Too, to uncover emerging trends in Black literature for young readers.

January 2021

28 January 2021 PRESS RELEASE

Data Privacy Day at Apple: Improving transparency and empowering users

For Data Privacy Day, Apple is sharing “A Day in the Life of Your Data” to help users take control of their data.

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