Moony smiling as he begins meditating while sitting cross-legged on the floor in her home.

A healthy respect
for well-being.

Moony’s Story

I got into fitness because I wanted to help people live their best lives — and in a way, that’s what I do here.
Moony, Apple Store Lead Genius
Seoul, South Korea

Question: You earned a degree in sports education and management, so how did that lead you here? Answer: I realized that Apple is as dedicated to fitness and health as I am, so it’s really a natural fit. I love how good it feels when I’m exercising or simply taking care of myself, and Apple has been making it easier and just more fun for everyone to do the same.

I’ve always loved helping people do more than they thought they could, to feel a sense of achievement.
Three Apple Fitness icons, representing running, cycling, and yoga

Question: How do you do that at the Apple Store? Answer: In different ways. For example, here we talk about bringing what you love to what you do, and I bring a passion for fitness. So I use that when I talk with the team or customers about the sports and health features of Apple Watch, for instance, or our Health app.

Question: As a Lead, you bring your experience to the lives of team members as well, right? Answer: Yes. The Apple Store is a fast-paced environment, so it helps to nurture a healthy energy for our people. For me, it’s been both a personal and professional goal to keep strengthening the sense of wellness here.

With a culture of well-being, a good day at work feels like an even better day, in body and mind.

Question: How does well-being get put into action? Answer: Action is the right word! One example is our monthly group activities. We’ve done spinning classes, group runs along the Han River, mindful meditation, yoga sessions, and other things near our store. Question: A lot of people join? Answer: Sure! It’s totally optional, but we’ve had over 30 team members participate at once. Afterward, I send them all videos and photos — we’ve even shown them on the store’s video walls.

From what I’ve seen here,
if you enjoy playing together, you enjoy working together.

Question: As they say, genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. Answer: Well, I can say that an Apple Genius definitely has a higher ratio of inspiration. Question: Fair enough.

Question: Speaking of, you also hosted your own games during the 2020 Olympics. Answer: We did! For store team members, we had nine sports, each with winners in gold, silver, and bronze. Question: Something tells me you did well. Answer: I won a gold in cycling!

Working at the Apple Store
is like a team sport, though it’s way more collaborative
than competitive.
Two Apple Fitness icons, representing cool down and spinning.

Question: You’re also the one who shares information from the Apple Wellness team with your store team. Answer: I am. Apple Wellness is a great health resource for us at Apple. So in the store, I take a few minutes each day to share their latest information. It might be programs or online classes covering things like nutrition and exercise, women’s health, and a lot more. Question: That sounds important during a pandemic. Answer: Definitely. Each day, whether we were in the store or at home, I’d update team members with the latest health and safety information. And many of us would also connect virtually for workout sessions from home.

Question: You mentioned “body and mind” — so there’s support for mental health, too? Answer: Oh, yes, through the Wellness team and also other Apple benefits. I really appreciated that when I was going through some emotional family health issues. The private counseling sessions really helped ease my stress.

I think of myself as
pretty strong, but we all have our ups and downs, so it was such a relief to have access to these resources.

Illustrated on iPad.