It’s so easy to 
switch to iPhone.

A simple walk-through lets you start using your new iPhone right away, and there’s an app that transfers your data for you. You can even trade in your old smartphone for credit.

Coming from an Android phone? Get ready for stunning photos, the fastest chips, and incredible battery life. You’ll also love how easy it is to switch. There’s a walk-through to get you started and an app that transfers your photos, contacts, and more. You can even trade in your old smartphone for credit.


Move to iOS app

Transfer your photos and
contacts in a few simple steps.


If you want a phone
that will last, this is it.


Battery life that
up with
your day.


Crash Detection calls for help when you can’t.

Ease of use

Everything just works.


iPhone can stay current.


Privacy. That’s iPhone.


Real help is just a call,
chat, or Tweet away.

Advanced cameras

You’ll take phenomenal photos and videos with iPhone.

Apple-designed chips

It’s all powered by extremely advanced smartphone chips.

Connect with friends

Stay in touch with FaceTime, Messages, WhatsApp, and more.

App Store

Tons of apps
curated for you.