A digital factory helps the real factory run faster.

Ash Cloud in Shenzhen, China, is a technologically advanced factory that works a lot like you’d imagine a factory to work. It manufactures millions of products per year, with whirring machines, watchful employees, and precise checkpoints along a fast-running assembly line. You could also imagine how important it is to make sure the factory doesn’t slow down even a second. That’s why Ash Cloud depends on iPhone, iPad, and custom apps to modernize its enterprise resource planning system across the business, from sales to support, from procurement to production, from the factory to the corporate office.

At a glance

50Line conversions
per day
35MUnits produced
per year
280iPhone and iPad devices

Along the assembly line, you’ll find Apple devices.
Every aspect of the factory floor operations is powered by iOS and iPadOS.

Quality Control

Inspections without guesses.

Employee Access

Among other things, an iPhone can be a badge.

Product Design

iPad is designed
for design.

Line Monitoring

Apps and machines run the day.


Increased packing.
Reduced stacking.

Warehouse Management

Augmented reality can move boxes without moving any boxes.

Only with Apple

Custom Apps

When companies develop custom apps on Swift, they’re providing a working experience that is secure, consistent, and reliable. On the factory floor this means Ash Cloud’s production line keeps running smoothly, employees can learn new apps quickly, and up-to-the-minute updates and information can be accessed easily.


By integrating iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Cisco technology, businesses can seamlessly connect to enterprise networks, optimize app performance, and collaborate securely. Apple’s partnership with Cisco helps ensure that Ash Cloud’s wireless infrastructure gives employees uninterrupted access to the apps they need to work.


Better efficiency, more efficiently.

An over 30% increase in production line efficiency.

More seamless production with higher quality.

Better comprehensive control and real-time management.

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