Assistive Technologies

Even more ways to make it yours.

These Apple-approved, third-party assistive technologies can help you get even more from your technology — in the ways that work best for you.*


These braille and tactile graphic displays can help you better navigate text, images, and other content on your devices.

Braille Displays

  • Help Tech Activator

    A 40-cell braille display and notetaker including a two-in-one folding QWERTY keyboard with braille input.

  • HumanWare Brailliant BI 20X

    A portable 20-cell refreshable braille display with text to speech.

  • HumanWare Brailliant BI 40X

    A 40-cell refreshable braille display with text to speech, powered by Bluetooth 5.

  • HumanWare Mantis Q40

    An integrated QWERTY keyboard and 40-cell refreshable braille display with Bluetooth.

  • Orbit Research Orbit Reader 40

    A Bluetooth-enabled 40-cell braille display with book-reading and note-taking functionality, plus a clock, alarm, calendar, calculator, and braille translator.

Tactile Graphics Display

  • Dot Inc Dot Pad

    A smart tactile display that represents images and graphics from your connected devices.


These hearing devices make it easy to optimize your settings, so you can emphasize speech, increase sound perspective, and reduce noise and listening effort.

Hearing Aids

  • Beltone Achieve™

    Hearing aids that are optimized for noisy environments.

  • ReSound OMNIA™

    Hearing aids that help you hear through noise without effort.

  • Oticon Real™

    Hearing aids with built-in technology for two-way, hands-free phone and video calls on iPhone and iPad. With BrainHearing™ technology to reduce your listening effort.

  • Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

    Hearing aids with real-time conversation enhancements, all-day battery life, and enhanced connectivity.

  • Philips HearLink

    Hearing aids made for iPhone and iPad that support hands-free phone and video calls — and have AI sound technology to help you hear more clearly in noisy environments.

  • Starkey Evolv AI

    Hearing aids that use AI to reduce noise, improve sound quality, and help make hearing effortless in a variety of listening environments.

  • Starkey Genesis AI

    Reliable, waterproof hearing aids that make over 80 million automatic adjustments per hour to adapt to your situation and environment.

  • Widex MOMENT

    Durable, rechargeable hearing aids with PureSound technology and 37 hours of runtime.


These eye trackers, switches, and musical instruments help you control your devices through adaptive and hands-free methods.

Eye Trackers


    An AI-enhanced, MFi-certified eye tracker that allows you to control your iPad.

  • Tobii Dynavox TD Pilot

    An MFi-certified eye-controlled communication device for iPad.


  • AbleNet Blue2 FT Bluetooth Switch

    A portable switch with two large surfaces that can be programmed independently.

  • AbleNet Jelly Bean

    A durable, compact, single-button switch that can be easily mounted to your wheelchair. Requires a switch interface.

  • AbleNet Specs Switch

    Small enough to be worn, this single-button switch has both a flush base and a strap base. Requires a switch interface.

Switch Interfaces

  • Komodo OpenLab tecla-e

    A wireless device you can connect with your wheelchair controls and switches to use multiple Bluetooth-enabled technologies, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. The companion app lets you customize your device and easily control HomeKit-compatible switches and lights.

  • Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

    A unified hub that works with a range of devices, including switches, buttons, and mounts, for more accessible gaming.

Tactile Musical and Coding Interfaces

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